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Camper vans are the perfect touring vehicles because they are comfortable enough for long motorway journeys and compact enough to travel along ‘B’ roads and country lanes. Quick to set up, our vans will provide comfortable travel and accommodation for short or longer trips with 12volt electrical hook up for campsites that provide it. However, if you choose to camp where there few facilities, lighting is then provided by battery, the fridge can be switched to operating by gas as well as the oven and hob. So if you need a hot cup of coffee on a deserted mountain pass or remote beach – no problem.

This is for the curious and brave

It’s for the mud covered and rain soaked, the die hard, never give up campers. It’s for those who aren’t afraid of a cold snap, a rainy afternoon or sudden hailstorm. It’s for those who understand that there are treasures beyond all wealth in every sunny moment and golden sunset. It’s for those who aren’t afraid to try something new, who understand the value of simple pleasures: rock pooling, surfing, eating well.’

Ref: The Camper Van Coast. Martin Dorey

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And that really is the essence of a camper van adventure, to get outdoors and off the beaten track, avoid the crowds and explore new places. Enjoy the journey, see new places, make new friends and embrace the outdoors whatever the weather. As Martin says, ‘simple pleasures’ but with a warm and cosy van waiting.
A copy of The Camper Van Coast cooking, eating, living the life by Martin Dorey is in every van. With recipes designed around camper van cooking, seasonal and local produce together with lots of tips about where to go and what to do it really is a a ‘must’ read.

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